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Change Your Story, Change Your Life - Louis Di Bianco 23rd March 2019
184: Market Domination
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184: Market Domination


This short episode reveals the secret for any business to achieve market domination. The secret is one word – STORY.

You’ll discover how your authentic story about your product or service immediately makes you stand out from all your competitors.

If you don’t use stories to attract your ideal customers and clients, you are forced to compete by comparing what you offer with very similar offers that your competition makes. That usually leads to competing with price.

Doing business that way is more expensive and way less profitable than using one compelling authentic story that becomes a money magnet that leads to your market domination.

You’ll learn why Apple has become a dominant player who never competes on price. You’ll understand why people will pay premium prices for Apple products and even camp out overnight to be the first to purchase computers, tablets, and phones that they often don’t even need.

When you see and truly get the message at the heart of Apple’s famous Super Bowl commercial that launched the first Mac, you will never look at sales and marketing the same way again. You may be amazed when you realize that a one minute and eight second commercial established Apple as the unique leader in its field without ever showing a computer.

You will develop a new respect for the power of storytelling to achieve your market domination.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this episode may be one of the most powerful your have heard so far in the history of  Change Your Story, Change Your Life.


Start With Why by Simon Sinek


Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial