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The Truth to Getting Speaking Gigs Now // Leisa Reid
Episode 4115th April 2024 • Six Figure Business Mastery • Kirsten Graham & Jeanne Willson
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Today, we have the privilege of hosting Leisa Reid, a seasoned speaker and expert in getting and staying booked for speaking engagements. Leisa, who has delivered over 600 talks, shares her top-secret strategies for mastering the speaking circuit.

Join us as we delve into the world of public speaking, entrepreneurship, and the keys to building a successful speaking gig business.

Main Talking Points:

1. Lisa's Journey:

  • Lisa's passion for teaching and communication led her to become a sought-after speaker and speaking coach.
  • Transitioning from speaker to coach, she realized the importance of readiness and seizing opportunities.

2. Crafting Your Talk:

  • Developing a signature talk is crucial for establishing credibility and attracting speaking engagements.
  • Lisa emphasizes the importance of being "ready" to speak, including having a polished presentation and confidence in delivery.

3. Uncovering Local Opportunities:

  • Exploring local speaking opportunities is a strategic approach to building a speaking business.
  • Understanding the audience and leveraging community connections are key to uncovering speaking gigs in your own backyard.

4. The Power of Partnerships:

  • The Speaker Soulmate System is Lisa's secret to staying booked, emphasizing trust-based relationships with complementary speakers.
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships eliminates the need for cold calling and creates a sustainable pipeline of speaking opportunities.

5. Speaking Lifestyle:

  • Speaking engagements serve as powerful marketing tools, enhancing visibility, credibility, and client attraction.
  • Lisa highlights the importance of embracing opportunities for personal and professional growth through speaking engagements.

Securing speaking gigs requires a combination of readiness, practice, strategic relationships, and focused effort. By implementing the insights shared by Leisa Reid, you can unlock new opportunities and elevate your speaking career. Don't miss out on the chance to boost your speaking bookability and make a lasting impact in your industry.

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