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Vince Rountree ~ The truth about eating plants
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Vince Rountree ~ The truth about eating plants

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Today's incredible guest talks about the truth of eating plants.

You will discover the actual scientific evidence behind how plant based nutrition can help people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and so much more.

Today's rockin' guest - Vince Rountree - has his own personal story of how plants reversed several of his unexpected health challenges. Since then he has become a well sought after expert, speaker, trainer and integrative health coach.

He has studied and worked with T. Colin Campbell, bio-chemist & author of The China Study, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn - from The Cleveland Clinc (who helped President Clinton reverse heart disease), as well as many others.

Vince Rountree is a leader in plant based nutrition and is truly on a crusade to help people prevent, treat and reverse chronic disease. You can get a free download of 25 Mouthwatering Plant Based Recipes at www.foodnotpills.com You don't want to miss this show - it could literally change your life.


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Vince's Links & Resources

Website: Food Not Pills https://www.foodnotpills.com

Free Book: https://lowerbpnow.com/free_book

Vince Rountree