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Mastering Real Estate Sales Objections
18th December 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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A lot of agents give up their power to the prospect with the words they use. Why is it so critical to master the language patterns of objection handling? Next time someone says they have to talk to their spouse, how are you going to use this to your advantage? How are you going to handle the tough objections you’ll get during the holidays? On this episode, we talk about effective objection handling and why it will make you wealthy.

Takeaways + Tactics

- There’s no grey when it comes to winning and losing.

- Don’t meet objections with open-ended questions. If they say they have to talk to their spouse, ask when they are typically together at the same time - evening or afternoon.

- A lot of successful people stop working to improve, or get complacent. If you continue to improve yourself, you will surpass them.

At the start of the show, we talked about some of the tough objections agents get during the holidays. Next, we talked about the importance of leading people to the answer you want, how to simply change your language patterns, and the importance of focusing on giving your best in the present moment.

If you want to improve your ability to convert sales in 2018, you have to master the language patterns that allow you to glide through objections. Clarify your relationship with winning-- make sure you know what victory looks like to you. When you have long-term thinking, your relationship with winning will become your driving force.