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EP 211 Beyond Nutrition & Exercise - What Really Drives Behavior Change with Olly Wood
Episode 2117th March 2023 • The Selfless Syndrome Show • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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Is pain driving your desire for lifestyle change? Most of us only change something when there is pain associated with what we have been doing. But according to my podcast guest today, if this is your only driver, no changes you make will be sustainable. You’re also missing some essential keys that will make the difference in your success. I’m joined by the founder of the internationally known MetaProject Olly Wood, who is a former personal trainer who became fascinated by what drives behavioral change. 

On this episode we cover the components that drive behavior change that go far beyond nutrition and exercise and get into the specifics of weight loss, hormones, body betrayal, intermittent fasting and so much more for high achieving women. 

Oliver got his start in the trenches of the health world as a PT in a big box gym. After 7 years of working with primarily high-performing business owners he saw the extent to which stress, inflammation, and a lack of focus on recovery was ruining any progress they were making, and, worse still, was leaving them burnt out and unproductive mentally as well. Rather than simply encouraging high-performers to do more and work harder, Olly has worked with world-leading experts in exercise, nutrition, biochemistry, and coaching, such as Brian Walsh, The Poliquin Group, Kassem Hanson, Ben Pukulski, Linh Trinh, and Cliff Harvey, among others, to develop a more holistic, scientific, and sustainable approach to health and performance.

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