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Amanda Lange on Games, Data, and Scanning Brainwaves
12th December 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode, Frank and Andy chat with Amanda Lange, technology evangelist at Microsoft, games journalist, and data aficionado.


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Notable Quotes

Frank is working on a Wintellect on Azure Gov ([1:30])
Amanda’s site is Second ([99:00])
The psychology of games ([5:30])
Movie reference: Back to the Future ([6:30])
How an Apple Watch or FitBit knows you’re asleep ([7:10])
Game violence activates sections of the brain (but it’s short-lived) ([8:30])
Andy lives in Farmville-not-the-game ([10:30])
Zynga and A/B testing ([10:45])
Amanda plays a lot of Overwatch these days ([11:30])
“Games as a Service” ([12:10])
Psychology in games Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin on Shaping Behavior in Online Games ([13:30])
Amanda writes for Tap Repeatedly ([15:00])
Amanda loves teaching people! ([17:10])
“I wasn’t a data scientist until I was.” ([17:50])
On privacy and data… ([19:00])
Berkeley’s Data Science curriculum is online ([19:40])
Learn data science at Data 8 ([22:15])
GLaDOS is a character in the Portal games ([25:00])
The orchestral version of Still Alive ([28:00])
No arm-wrestling with Amanda ([31:45])
“We can learn anything.” ([32:45])
Trapping a self-driving car using salt… ([34:00])
Ready Player One audio book ([35:40])
Ready Player One, the Movie ([99:00])
The Adventure Zone ([37:50])
Audible (get a free book!) has the Dragonlance series ([39:25])
Amanda tried out for American Idol ([41:00])
Amanda’s on Twitter @second_truth ([42:00])