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One More Thing Before You Go - Michael R Herst EPISODE 2, 2nd February 2020
That Thing About Losing Someone Close To You
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That Thing About Losing Someone Close To You

The fear of death and loss is our biggest barrier in life, from a psychological perspective most everyone has a fear of death especially after a certain age, and or if they're fighting a devastating disease, have been in an accident, or the victim of a violent crime… well, you get the idea. 

The fear of losing someone that we love is even stronger; whether it be a spouse or partner, a family member, a friend, a close colleague or a pet. If you know that death is inevitable do you accept it? Do talk about it? Do you reach for it, or are you afraid of it?  Are you afraid of the unknown and what's going to happen when you die and how will it affect your family and your friends?  The question you may ask yourself, what kind of legacy have I left behind, will people remember me and will I live on in some form … is there life after death? 

This episode we're going to talk to Caitlin Herst-Skvarek, our daughter, who recently lost one of her best and closest friends to cancer it was something that was hidden from the world, as well as from Ryan's closest friends. 

You might remember Ryan from winning the Doritos Super Bowl commercial with the  $1 million prize. His commercial was seen worldwide and still runs to this day.  It features his son, through a sneaky manipulation of a neighbor, securing a bag of Doritos in exchange for allegedly traveling to the future.

We are also going to explore alternative health options for managing grief and depression, as well as, the anger associated with the process of losing someone close to you, as Caitlin is a Licensed and Certified Hypnotherapist that shares her journey with hypnosis and meditation. Come on in Join the Conversation!
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