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Weird Distractions Podcast: The Great Amherst Mystery
10th June 2022 • Espooky Tales • Cristina & MJ
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We are presenting Weird Distractions Podcast for you today! They are also part of the Cultiv8 Network and an excellent spooky listen! This episode covers the spooky Amherst mystery.

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"Wait, what about a flying potato? This week, Alex is joined by 2 of 3 former hosts of the Pineapple Pizza Podcast, Lindsay & Emily, to discuss a Canadian poltergeist mystery. Esther Cox was 18-years-old when she became the target of an unexplainable paranormal phenomena. But, was it real? Or, was it a hoax made up by an American actor turned author? Tune in to find out for yourself. Need a distraction? We got you. 

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