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Being A Better Man - Alf Herigstad EPISODE 235, 10th December 2017
235 – The Return…With guest Les Moore
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235 – The Return…With guest Les Moore


The Return!  With special guest, Les Moore.

That’s right guy’s, I’m back!

It has been almost three whole months since I have released a new podcast.  The last episode, number 234 went live on September 18th.  Since then my life got a little crazy and I had some unfortunate technical challenges to overcome.  During this three month Hiatus I have made a lot of observations, I have gained many insights, and I have continued on the path of being a better man than I was yesterday.  I plan to share these insights with you in upcoming episodes.  Today however, for my first episode back in a while we have a special guest who is going to share his personal story with us. 

This interview has been scheduled for about three months as well.  In fact we sat down and recorded it one day several weeks ago and that was when I realized that my technology was not working…it didn’t record.  Now thankfully, that issue is resolved and  and I am finally able to share this inspiring interview with you.

This guest started out as a listener of of this show and I noticed him pretty early on for two reasons.  One, because he was always liking things and leaving some comments and two, because he had kind of an unusual name that I really liked. 

Being named Alf all my life, I kind of have a thing for unusual, clever names, I appreciate them.  This persons name was Les Moore.  Get it?  Less…more?  Anyway, He and I had a few interactions over the course of time and one day he sent me a letter really explaining what he has been up to.  When I heard his story I knew immediately that he should be a guest on the show because he epitomizes what we are trying to do here at Being A Better Man.

Les Moore hails from Pennsylvania.  He is a 47 year old married father of two daughters.  In January of 2014 Les decided that he wasn’t totally happy with himself for reasons I’ll let him explain.  He made a decision that would alter the course of not only his own life, but also the lives of his wife and daughters and probably everyone else that knew him.  Les Moore decided to become a healthy, vital, man. 

When he made this decision he weighed 234 pounds.  He was on prescriptions for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Today he weighs 185 pounds, that means he lost 62 pounds of fat, and he is totally off all prescriptions.  His blood pressure and cholesterol are normal.  Not only that, Les decided to go the extra mile and do the work it took to become an International Sports Sciences Association certified fitness professional.  That’s right, Les became a personal trainer and he is training people in his home studio.

One of my favorite parts of Les’ story is that he did something I always talk about here;  he became an example for his entire family.  He became such an example that he inspired his wife Lori to get into the gym and she has lost a staggering 130 pounds as well.

There are some things I want you to pay special attention to in this interview:

  1.  Les’ motivation, the reason he made this decision to become healthy.

  2.   What is the biggest payoff Les has noticed.

  3.   Process goals vs. Outcome goals.

  4.   Advice for the holiday’s

  5.   Les’ personal message to all of you out there who may want to make a change.

Here is a picture of Les, before and after his transformation.  From 234 pounds to 185 pounds.

Les Moore

Contact Les:

Here are links to hook up with Les and ask him questions, or take advantage of his on-line services.  He offered to be a resource…so take him up on it.





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