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Just Get Started – Michelle Mitchell
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Just Get Started – Michelle Mitchell

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Michelle Mitchell

Michelle’s passion for kombucha started over a decade ago and led to her co-founding Humm Kombucha with Jamie Danek. She is the primary keeper and driver of Humm’s amazing culture and brand ethos within their staff-centric organization as well as overseeing brewing methods and ensuring that the taste profile of Humm’s kombucha is both excellent and consistent. She believes her mission is to bring love and light to the world and is instrumental in creating an air of positive energy and forging a culture of joy and freedom at Humm.

Highlights of Michelle's show include...

  • Starting Kombucha Mama in 2009 with Jamie Danek
  • Meeting her business partner on the tennis courts
  • Chief Cultural Angel of Humm
  • Making kombucha at home
  • Renaming Kombucha Mama to Humm Kombucha
  • Using love to guide the business and the staff
  • Helping other kombucha companies build their business
  • Facing divorce with grace when it was hard to put one foot in front of the other
  • Making kombucha as accessible as possible
  • The health of the business more important
  • Building and opening the first kombucha tap room in the country
  • Creating and adding new flavors
  • Believing in the innate goodness of people
  • 256 bottles of kombucha in the closet
  • What's kombucha really good for?
  • How Michelle's mother in law got her started on kombucha
  • Planting your seeds and letting them grow with love and integrity
  • Just go for it and don't worry about the details
  • And much, much more....
  • Surround yourself with really smart people


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Michelle's Links & Resources

Website: Humm Kombucha

Facebook: Humm Facebook

Instagram: Humm Instagram

Twitter: Humm Twitter

YouTube: Humm YouTube