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Frederic Baudart with Accruent
3rd January 2024 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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On this episode of Industrial Talk, we're onsite at Accruent Insights and chatting with Frederic Baudart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager with Accruent about solutions to inspire the next generation of industrial leaders.  Here are the key takeaways:
  • Industrial innovation and security solutions. 0:00
    • Scott MacKenzie welcomes listeners to the industrial talk podcast and thanks them for their support.
    • Scott discusses the importance of the Palo Alto Networks solution for zero trust security and highlights its features, including over 1100 app IDs, 500 profiles for critical assets, and 650 threat signatures.
  • Business and technology trends with industry leaders. 2:25
    • Frederic highlights the importance of understanding diverse generations in business and industry, as it impacts the way companies approach innovation and customer feedback.
    • Scott MacKenzie agrees, noting that customers are looking for partners who are nimble and adaptable to the rapidly changing technology landscape.
    • Frederic reflects on the benefits of disconnecting from technology, noting that it allows for deeper connections and human interactions.
    • Frederic generation has a different relationship with technology, finding it easier to disconnect than younger generations who rely on devices for communication and connection.
  • Balancing technology adoption with workforce experience. 7:47
    • Frederic highlights discrepancy between personal and professional technology use, with 60% of workers still relying on pen and paper despite advancements in digitalization and connectivity.
    • Frederic highlights the challenge of reconciling the needs of older workers who prefer hands-on learning with the younger generation's preference for technology-based solutions.
    • The speaker notes that forcing technology upon those who don't want to learn is not a viable solution, and organizations must find a middle ground that accommodates both approaches.
    • Organization must digitalize knowledge to preserve it for younger technicians.
  • Attracting and retaining talent in the workplace. 14:04
    • Scott MacKenzie and Frederic agree that younger generations bring fresh perspectives and creative problem-solving skills to the workplace.
    • They also acknowledge the importance of creating an environment that attracts and leverages the talents of younger individuals, and recognizing the value of vulnerability and openness to new ideas.
    • Scott MacKenzie seeks trustworthy partnerships for long-term success.
    • Partnership is key to success in digital transformation, as it allows for personalized solutions tailored to each customer's needs.
  • Inspiring next gen leaders in industry. 21:05
    • Scott MacKenzie emphasizes the importance of connecting with the next generation of leaders in industry.
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Welcome to the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go Alright,


. It has to be a part of your:


I'm doing fine. Yes,


it's great. I'm looking forward to this conversation. By the way, I've had a great time. This has been a good, good event. Another good event.


I cannot agree more, I think good feedback. Yeah, good feedback, I think it's just good to be with customers, to be honest with you, I think then, when you look at it, it's been four years, since we've actually get everybody to get an eternity. It is it feels like it and even more. So this is actually the first time then you have all diverse product together in one place. And so we made an effort to actually make this happened, then we have all our customers from the different parts of the business, and also from the different part of India's industry into one roof under one roof.


For years, and that's an eternity when when you dealing with I mean, the conversation four years ago, is completely different than the conversation you're having today. Oh, absolutely. It's, it's, it's just completely different. And so you're able to connect with the customers in the user community and just say, Hey, what's going on with? And how can kudos to you know, Team McCrone? Because it's, that's a tough time. That's that's, and you're delivering solutions. Every every conversation I've had have been just absolutely possible.


That's awesome. Yeah, I hope that's the case. And we were lucky that we had a lot of customers that were interested to do to do a podcast and talk to you to kind of get their feedback and have really all kinds of kind of conversation, not just about the product, but about hey, what do you think he what's important for them? What's not important for them? What the vision is like? And I'm sure you get great feedback in that in that aspect. Oh,


yeah. There, let's just sum it up. They like the direction that it's heading. They're like, because the reality is, is that the technology, the innovation is happening so quickly. They need a partner that is every bit as nimble as what the market is telling them. They I mean, they've got to be nimble, you've got to be nimble. And I think that many of the conversations indicated that, that that's the case. The question I have, and because we want to talk about it is that there's always these resource challenges, but But you brought up a really interesting topic and that is these the generations the different generations. And you know, recognize where we're an industry. We are, it's just is what it is. How do you see the the behavior the Gen X Gen Y Gen Z Gen? I don't even know I am, um, I must be some Gen. Gen guy. So how do you see that impacting business?


ry, I've been in industry for:


you, and you need to get your hands on that. You got it? And


so how do you reconcile how they work together? Because it's, you have kind of the old school, I'm gonna get this done, I'm gonna get this is how long to do it. And then the second aspect you have the younger generations come out of school, and say, Wow, I'm sure there's an app for it. I'm sure we can do this electronically, connected to your tablet, it's not always the case. And so we had to find a middle point right there, how to work together?


I mean, how does an organization begin that journey? I mean, and I see it, you know, it's, it's, it's just the reality of how people behave, how people learn how people leverage technology to get jobs done, right. If I was an owner, and recognize that your point is valid, don't get me wrong, it's valid. That means I've got I've got three, four different approaches to my workforce. That I have to be mindful, which I never really had to before. Correct. But I have to know, what do we do? How do I how do I how do you cheat? How do you help me solve that problem?


From from the discussion I had, and what I have seen on site customers, and listening to customers. First of all, you can't force down technology to people who don't want to learn. As simple as that. There's just some people who don't, they're just not interested. That's not how they work. That's not how they think. But you can still educate them in a way, then it will help them on what to do with their work. And at the end of the day, we're not trying to replace what they do, because their knowledge is extremely valuable. As a matter of fact, we would love to be able to take the knowledge that they have in their head, and put this from a digital format. That's kind of the goal of that. Because it's so valuable, because you have a John who has been working 37 years in a particular role, or in multiple roles in a manufacturing environment. Once he leaves, and he goes into remind, in retirement, that knowledge is gone out the door, you can't replace it.


And we've been struggling with that. Yes,


we have forever. Yes. When


I was a pup, we were struggling with that, because you had people just walk out the door. Yep, I think we have a greater opportunity to be able to create that real, you know, mining of that knowledge and putting it into a digital format, more than ever, but it's always been a challenge. I


han somebody who's, you know,:


I look at it this way too. And you're spot on with your analysis on that. I look at it this way. If I owned a business, and which I had in the past, I'm keen to try to learn from the youth. Because they're looking at problems that I look at. differently. That might be a creative way of solving, solving a challenge. through whatever means there's, there's a freshness that, you know, if there's a positive there, there's a freshness that look at a problem. And I can I can appreciate I can respect that. And that to me is I think that's where the from my perspective, the The gym is the gold is because they're gonna look at you're gonna say, Well, why do I have to do it that way? Why don't I do it this way? And then you have to be realizing or have to realize that I can do that way. So that's a good thing. You agree?


Absolutely. I do agree 100% with you on this one. I think there's also a sense of for us being more senior, there's a sense of vulnerability that we don't talk enough about it. And, you know, be able to reach out to somebody who's younger, who does not have this as the main expense to say, so if I do this this way, how would you do it? And I see a two facet, is it not only I'm being vulnerable, and say, maybe there's a better way to do it? Or is it the different way, by way is not necessarily the best way to do this methods practice. But also, they could be a fresh way. That's also another way to us, slowly challenging that generations. And say, if you were in my shoes, what action would you take? What responsibility would you take to get this done? Yeah, that could leverage a lot of innovation and changing given thought about it.


But but, you know, if I had a nickel every time somebody is saying, Hey, I'm having a hard time attracting talent. You have to create an environment that would attract this youth. It's just gonna have to you, you can be stubborn. But why would you want to be stubborn? So if I mean, you've got to attract it? It's it's a. I think that that's just that that sort of lives, right? Where you exist, a crew that says, I think that there's this, there is this energy that exists there that I think is attractive to young individuals, young professionals, young leaders, future leaders, whatever it might be. And I just, I think we have to senior individuals have to think through that and make it attractive. Yes. And I think there's a lot of opportunities to do that. A lot of technology, a lot of innovation, to automation, robotics, AI, whatever. But you still can't get away from the fact that you better dig into that pump. Correct? You better pull it out better wind it, you know? So how would you recommend in in with that? It's a it's a reality? How can Accruent? The sort of a great facilitator for me? If I if I've just got Scott, manufacturer of Scott, Scott healthcare? How can you help facilitate that that transition?


From from a customer perspective? Yeah. Good question. I'm not going to here. I'm not pretend I'm gonna have the right answer, but I'll give it a shot. I think 31st and foremost, if you were a healthcare partner, or any other partner, our customers gotta establish a great relationship with the customer. A partnership with the customer, goes hand in hand. I mean, some of my most successful customers that I've had is not because they spent a million dollar with me, is because from the beginning, I made them feel then they were at home, essentially. And that would take care of them. Yeah, they didn't, whatever solution would have. Some of our solution, depending when I was working at GE, or fluke, or even an icon may not be the best one, or the most sophisticated one, but they were the one for their needs. And we were able to, to explain this in a way. But if you don't partner with them, not for the short term for the sale, but for long term to resolve their problems, then you're not you're not gonna win a customers.


I know for me, personally, I want I want somebody I could trust. Yes, I just do. And that that trust is developed over time. It's developed through dialogue, collaboration, solving problems in the near term, whatever it might be, but but I'm looking for that. And especially now, when you have an environment that is so rapidly changing, it seems like it, I have the conversation, rapidly changing challenges that require really creative solutions. I don't want to just pick out anybody who's hangs a shingle and says, Hi, I'll digitalize your business or whatever it might be, because there's going to be plenty of those. I need to trust to go through this journey I need to trust. Yeah,


I spent the hundreds, if not:


Yeah, nothing, nothing can replace that. No. I mean, it's that that field work that that connection to the field, talking with those ones that are out up, gosh, absolutely vital, especially in this world. Come on. And then you'll be able to understand how the new innovation the new technology can be applied. Right? Sure. I


think how do people get a hold of you? They say they want to have additional conversations.


I'm so I'm fairly good idea for my friends. And they can get a hold of me at all my email address, but reach


out on LinkedIn. I'm


on LinkedIn as well.


But we're gonna have all the contact information for preppers out on Industrial Talk. So if you're not if you need to connect with this, Jeff, because you will not be disappointed. Never was just great. I enjoyed that conversation. It's


great. Anytime, anytime, Scott. I


really appreciate it. All right, we're gonna wrap it up on the other side. Stay tuned, we will be right back.


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Frederic's his name, Accruent Live was the event we were talking specifically around how do we inspire the next generation of leaders, which is very important for industry. You need to you need to focus on that. That's a That's a must. And a philosophy for your organization. Your Industrial Talk platform is here for you. We're here to educate. We're here to collaborate. And we're here to help facilitate any innovation that you have going on. And it's it's quite simple. You just go out to Industrial Talk, you click on let's connect. And then you'll talk to me. And let's see how we can amplify your voice, how we can create opportunities to bring more eyeballs to your organization, and of course opportunity. So that's what Industrial Talk is all about. All right, go out there. That's your call to action. Be bold, be brave, dare greatly hang out with Frederic, you will be changing the world. We're going to have another great conversation coming from that event shortly.



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