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The Peak Results Academy Podcast - Rich Fournier EPISODE 30, 23rd June 2020
Ep 30 | Melissa Charlton
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Ep 30 | Melissa Charlton

Listen in as Rich interviews Melissa Charlton, Team Leader and one half of the dynamic duo that heads up The Charlton Advantage Real Estate Team, who have been dominating the Milton, Ontario real estate market for well over 15 years. Melissa delves into the early innovations that grew their business, the accolades and the detractors that come with success and the routines that help her and her husband find balance between real estate and family. In this episode, you’ll be hit with an honest look at the industry pitfalls and some actionable strategies for those willing to put in the work.


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Show Notes

[02:30] About Melissa

[04:35] Being told they wouldn’t make it, only made success sweeter

[08:00] How early innovation differentiated the Charltons

[13:00] Success brings accolades and detractors

[15:00] How being afraid to have an opinion is hurting realtors®

[16:40] Balancing business and family in a tough industry

[22:50] The 2 pitfalls of real estate that lead to the high failure rate

[26:30] How the Charltons maintain a relationship while working together

[33:45] 3 big pieces of advice for running an authentic business

[39:07] How to reach Melissa & The Charlton Team

Contact Melissa

Email: melissa@charltonadvantage.com

Website: www.charltonadvantage.com

About Melissa

Melissa Charlton is the Broker and Team Leader for the Charlton Advantage who over the last 17 years have sold over a billion dollars worth of real estate. Melissa has transitioned out of selling real estate into a leadership role within the team and continues to bring her expertise to the industry by speaking at real estate and business conferences across North America.