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Learning Organisations: Networked Without Egos – with Maureen Robson-Norman
Episode 1213th May 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Series 2: The how to getting employee experience right.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Maureen Robson-Norman, Founder and CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) of Whyaye. The name of her company says everything... it is different, with fun and connection being at the heart of what they do, "Putting the yay into every day!"

We unpick transformation in terms of changing the way people work, through their learning, mindset and engagement. A key part in enabling that is removing the need for hierarchy that exists in most organisations. 

The traditional progression ladder, that is the basis of promotion in most companies, means that even the idea of considering changing this sends shivers down the spine! It does take courage but it is worth exploring, particularly when you listen to Maureen and I delve into why we need to think about hierarchy, status and development differently: 

  • Brutal honesty to embrace change and breed the right behaviours
  • The driving force: to be kind and to be brave
  • How role titles can undermine psychological safety
  • The development of self-concept
  • The role of leadership
  • Conscious use of language; challenging the norms
  • Experience and expertise vs seniority and how this shapes mentoring
  • The need for status and how to achieve that outside of job titles
  • The real difference getting employee experience right can make
  • How to go about flattening the hierarchy and creating the right experience

More about Maureen

Maureen co-founded Whyaye with Anna Bissett and Lisa Smith. She has shaped Whyaye to stimulate open-mindedness and challenge the norm to transform ways of working. She has a passion for driving positive business change across large global enterprises and her previous experience is in the delivery of global digital and HR transformations across a range of industries.

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Flattening the hierarchy is just one of the approaches informed team leaders might use: Ingredients for Leaders - It's Time for Change (

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