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Old Fox Young Fox - Old Fox Young Fox EPISODE 26, 20th July 2020
Gamification: Who is keeping score with Toby Beresford

Gamification: Who is keeping score with Toby Beresford

Another in our Old Fox Young Fox series on ‘Gamification’ and its impact on the workplace.

Toby Beresford author of ‘Infinite Gamification,’ explains how the world of Gamification has a 'day to day,' 'real world' impact on everyone. Scores are all around us to motivate, drive business performance, manage behaviours and feed the AI algorithms that will drive the future. Maybe it’s time we understood the games being played?

About our guest:

Toby Beresford is an author, consultant and entreprenuer in the client engagement and gamification space. He has written avidly regarding gamification, is the founder of Rise.Global and is Head of Client Engagement at Magic Freebies.

Show mentions:

  • UN Social 500
  • Book: Configuring the world by Richard Leyden
  • The UN Human development index
  • Fitbits
  • Book: Influence by Robert Caldini
  • Pete Jenkins - Gamification
  • Isigoria greek concept - civilised discourse.

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