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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 609, 19th November 2019
Selfless Love – Bill Hutcheson pt 2
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Selfless Love – Bill Hutcheson pt 2

Selfless Love – Bill Hutcheson pt 2

Is something missing in your marriage? Do you look longingly at the early days of your marriage, wishing you still had that spark? Do you wish you could just snap your fingers and magically return to the happiness of your honeymoon days. Don’t lie…we all want that. Have you hoped for, begged for, even prayed to God for a return to a brighter, more passionate relationship? You wish you knew the words to pray but you just don’t know what to say – or even if it is possible?

My guest today is Bill Hutcheson who has been helping established couples, newlyweds and those about to newlyweds, to find true happiness, through God, with their marriages. He has been doing this for about 38 years or so!  Praise God.

Bill has also written a book titled, “Marriage Happiness is Possible” and he is about to release a new book in April of 2020 titled, “Marriage Maximized: The Guide to a Purposeful and Passionate Relationship.”

After 38 years of helping nearly-weds and established couples, Bill Hutcheson is here to share with you how to have the happy relationship God intended for your marriage

You talk about the “marriage road.” I love the analogy of potholes that are the result of unconscious assumptions and unexpressed expectations.  How can a couple prevent those potholes from forming in the first place?

And if are in a marriage that is, let’s say, “well traveled” and some potholes have developed, how can you “resurface that highway” (as you say) to keep things running smooth?

You talk about comparing and contrasting the different personality types in the marriage. Explain how those things can strengthen a marriage when they sometimes seem the source of conflict?

I have to ask this…it’s something I’ve always wondered.  When you have hit one of those “potholes” in your marriage, and you start to work on “patching it up,” does your wife ever say something like, “Don’t try to work that counseling stuff on me??”

How important is it to say, “Thank you” for things your spouse does for you? Even things that you may just “take for granted?”

I know, with our marriage of 42+ years, there have been ups and downs. There have been stressful times and fun times. It is never a smooth road all of the time. Sometimes it even seems we are “stuck in traffic.”  But, how important is it to maintain a “fun attitude” even when things are going wrong?

Bill, we are about out of time. I truly enjoyed our conversation today.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, ask a question, ask for help with your services, etc. or maybe to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of that in the show notes.

Folk, marriage is a Godly gift. Marriage is representative of God Himself. Two individual, unique Spiritual beings, joining together to make a brand new SINGULAR Spiritual entity. Something that has never existed before. That is what takes place when two, born again believers, unite before God and join themselves together in His presence.

What the man lacked, God provides in his wife. What the woman lacks, God provides in the husband. The two become ONE in His eyes. It is miraculous thing and it happens when a man and woman join together in marriage. It is awesome!

And, the devil knows it. That is why he works extra hard to bring division in marriages. Don’t allow the devil to destroy what God has joined together. If you are in a situation that you know is not God’s best for you right now, get in touch with Bill Hutcheson. He has the resources, he has the training, he has the knowledge and he has the experiences of almost 40 years of helping couples JUST LIKE YOU.

At a minimum, you need to order his book. Even if nothing is wrong, in your eyes, with your marriage, don’t you want to make it better? Go to the links in the show notes and order his book today. Add yourself to his contact list so you will be notified when his next book, “Marriage Maximized” is about to released.


Use the CONTACT FORM on the website – www.selflesslove.net

Special Offer just for our listeners:  www.selflesslove.net/kcr

“Marriage Happiness is Possible” book on Amazon


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