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"Spend Your Cortisol Wisely" An Interview with Sam Doyle, ARNP
Episode 154th November 2021 • Found Down • Nicole Johnson
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Today I sit back down with Sam Doyle, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner to talk about how change can be a good thing. She recently left her role in the ICU to go back to the outpatient setting, to work at an Acute Clinical Evaluation Clinic. As it turns out, the stress of the pandemic and having her kids at home while working in the ICU was too much. She realized she needed to change things up in order to have a better balance.

What we talk about is interesting, this notion of needing to detangle how we often over identify with our roles as clinicians in certain settings, (ie ICU or ER) but at the end of the day, as Sam says, we have chosen careers in the service of others, so we are equally valuable in whatever role.

"Spend your cortisol wisely," Sam says in her meme-able quote. It's ok to leave and do something less stressful.

And at the end of the day, it is just a job.

Thank you for coming back on the show, Sam for this fun episode!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,