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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 20, 28th November 2016
Jeff McMahon | Best Virtual Fitness Training for Entrepreneurs
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Jeff McMahon | Best Virtual Fitness Training for Entrepreneurs

#20: When this episode is released, we just passed the Thanksgiving Weekend in USA, so it’s kind of perfect timing to chat about our health. I know, you are probably thinking: “Kelly, you are so cruel.” Well, if that’s you, just know that I do show my tough love from time to time

As entrepreneurs, many of us wear multiple hats, it’s so easy to put the exercise in the back burner. If you follow me a while, you probably saw few of my workout photos on Facebook or Instagram. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t show my 6 packs in bikini, nor triceps; that’s not the point why I shared those photos. The reason why I shared those photos is because I have personally experienced burnout, whole body pain caused by stress, and also witnessed my loved ones suffered different physical challenge, all due to lack of self-care, especially when it comes to exercise regularly. In other words, I care.

Have that said, I know it’s not everyone has the time and means to go to your local gym to work out. So I invited my good friend and well-known fitness coach: Jeff McMahon come to the show to share with us some alternative ways to not only get fit and also become more productive as entrepreneurs.

I got to know Jeff as we both are in Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur community, and he is also the personal trainer of Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas. He is a health and fitness coach for almost a decade now. His degree is in pre-med/pre-pharm and dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine. He’s also a certified lifestyle and wellness coach, sports rehab specialist, eagle scout, and a black belt in tae kwon do. He specializes in everything from sports specific training, triathlons, weight loss, body toning, MMA, injury rehab, elderly, and diseases. He’s worked with over 600+ people and teams in his career and know over 6,000 different exercises. His mission is to make us all healthier one family at a time.

As you can see, he is super qualified in this topic, now let’s chat with Jeff.

Key Lessons:

  • What Virtual Fitness Training is.
  • How top entrepreneurs find time to exercise
  • The right frequency of weekly exercise
  • The impact & result of fitness in age difference
  • The main benefits of exercise for Entrepreneurs
  • How to get started even if you haven’t exercised for a while
  • The serious physical damage can occur when you sit too long at your desk.



Jeff’s Website: http://www.totalbodyconstruction.com

The free live assessment appointment with Jeff: http://www.totalbodyconstruction.com/kelly


Full Show Page: http://kellybaader.com/020