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PTP.022: John Lee Dumas “Going All In”
14th June 2018 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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PTP.022: John Lee Dumas “Going All In”

In Episode 022 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast Dr. Brad Miller has a fascinating conversation with John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire.   

After serving eight years in the US Army and trying his hand in corporate real estate and finance John Lee Dumas was feeling stuck an unsatisfied with his circumstances.  It was then that he heard a podcast on entrepreneurs and he knew that he had to take massive action and go all in on creating The Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast.  The Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast has developed into a tremendously successful business which has allowed John to live the life of his dreams. The theme of “going all in” permeates the conversation that Dr. Brad and JLD have about overcoming adversity to achieve success.

John tells Brad that everyone is incredibly vulnerable at some point and one way to deal with this is my taking massive action toward achieving definable goals.  Taking bold action is key.

John also goes over with Brad the power of meditation and breathing practices to nurture the soul as key to success.  Indeed, John has created a new daily podcast “The Daily Refresh” which focuses on mediation, breathing exercises and inspirational quotes which is a part of the power of morning routine that all successful people implement.

John speaks also about the necessity of developing health productive habits as a disciplined strategic approach to success. As a matter of fact, John has created two journals to help people discipline their lives for success.   In particular, the Success Journal to help people achieve their top goal in 100 days and The Mastery Journal designed to help people master habits of productivity.   

Utilizing this process is a type of formula for success according to John.  In a word, success is about going all in with healthy productive practices which when done consistently and properly add up to massive value creates a compound effect of success.

John goes on to tell Dr. Brad how he is applying his strategic thinking in creating a new product designed to help people with ideas for business success.  It’s called “Three Hours to Your Big Idea” and is designed to help people respond the problem of not generating a successful business idea or spring through having too many ideas and not acting on them.

Lot’s of great actionable ideas for you to implement in Dr. Brad’s interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.

Also in Episode 022 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast special correspondent on health and fitness introduces us to the Slingshot Method to health and fitness.

Don’t miss episode 022 of The Pathway to Promise which exists with the worldview that every person has a God-given promised life of peace prosperity and purpose and that everybody needs a plan and guide to find their promised life.   The Pathway to Promise Podcast exists to be a guide to folk seeking life transformation in a timely manner.  Dr. Brad Miller brings 35 years of pastoral ministry experience in life transformation and a doctoral degree in transformational leadership and talks often on the podcast with expert authors and leaders in the field of life transformation.  The Pathway to Promise Podcast is published weekly and listener comments are welcome.

Dr Brad Miller

June 2018

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