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Episode 515th December 2021 • Fictional Feels • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name: Fictional Feels

Episode #5: My Favorite Show

In today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about one of my all time favorite shows, Terror in Resonance. 

You are listening to Fictional Feels the podcast with your host(s) Tatianna.

In this episode of Fictional Feels the Podcast we discuss: Why I love the show Terror in Resonance.

Segment 1: Short Spoiler Free Summary

  • This anime is about two high school boys, Twelve and Nine, who attack Tokyo by bombing different buildings. Along the way an average high school girl, Lisa, gets involved with their plans. This story is very action packed and a bit devastating. 

Segment 2:  The Soundtrack

  • I love the soundtrack of this show because it is able to add importance to the plot of the show. 
  • The songs are great to do homework to or cry to :).
  • The overall mood fits the melancholic atmosphere the show creates. 

Segment 3:  Scenes (Spoilers)

  • The motorcycle scene where Twelve picks up Lisa as they are being chased by the cops. Their relationship makes me so jealous and the music fit perfectly to the scene.
  • The ferris wheel scene where Twelve must choose between saving Lisa or betraying his childhood friend and everything that they have achieved up to that point. 
  • I really enjoyed Lisa as a character because she was very realistic. She was completely average and useless to the boys, but they still kept her around and loved her. 

Music Credits:  Stardust- Jay Someday

Cruising- Vendredi

Hope for Tomorrow- Tokyo Music Walker

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