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#92: Floridians, Fruitcakes, and The Arrest of Bazooka Ricky
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#92: Floridians, Fruitcakes, and The Arrest of Bazooka Ricky

Episode #92:  

On this special ‘Florida Only’ episode, we discuss a Florida man who shoots and throws Chinese food at the thugs who tried to rob him, a Florida woman who gets arrested for doing the Twist, and the arrest of Bazooka Ricky.  And so much more!

Here’s a link where you can see the documentary we discussed,

Half-naked former state attorney arrested in Hotel Duval incident

Florida Man shoots, throws Chinese food at would-be robbers

Florida man urinates on shopping carts, returns to same store next day

Florida man tries to steal a van and a plane and failed epically at both

Drunk, high and naked man shows up to Clearwater home, throws feces

Florida Woman Arrested After ‘Twisting Fingers’

Colorful man arrested at suburban Jupiter park

'The last thing I remember is drinking a couple 4 Lokos,' says Florida man accused of stealing boat

Pasco deputies arrest Bazooka Ricky

Florida Cops Discover Meth Lab, Golf Cart Chop Shop In Retirement Community Garage

Florida man stuck in car tries to hot-wire it while keys are inside, deputies say

Florida contractor fakes death to dodge angry homeowners

Miami Man Faces $120 Million Fine for 96-Million Robocall Spree

Men ditch car after crashing into Doritos truck in Orlando

Florida woman who let snake bite 1-year-old won't face charges

Florida Woman Arrested For Disorderly Intoxication At Sebastian Inn

Florida man dodges cannibals but not deputies

The top 10 weird Florida stories on Facebook in 2016

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