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The Leadership Locker - Rich Cardona EPISODE 92, 9th March 2021
92. How to Win on Instagram (Even in 2021) with Theresa DePasquale
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92. How to Win on Instagram (Even in 2021) with Theresa DePasquale

“It’s not how much attention can I get. It’s how much attention to I deserve to get.”Theresa DePasquale

On this episode of The Leadership Locker, Capture Social Group CEO Theresa DePasquale joins Rich to talk about how to stand out on Instagram. Listen in as Rich and Theresa discuss how to grow organically on Instagram, how to retain followers, and hot not to get burnt out creating social media.

Theresa DePasquale began her career as an entrepreneurial fitness expert, owning multiple health clubs in the Tampa Bay Area before moving her business totally online. In December 2018 she started Capture Social Group to provide one-on-one consulting and management for national companies and industry-leading experts to help them successfully build their brands online and grow their reach and credibility.

·        00:09 – Introduction

·        05:02 – Theresa’s transition to become an online fitness coach

·        06:45 – Standing out in a saturated industry

·        08:48 – Theresa’s transition into online marketing

·        14:47 – Masterminds

·        17:04 – Finding the right balance between learning and launching your business

·        19:18 – Capture Social Group

·        20:56 – Growing organically on Instagram

·        23:55 – Keeping up with all of Instagram’s features

·        26:07 – How to retain followers

·        28:26 – Staying on-brand

·        30:36 – Business pages vs. personal pages

·        31:19 – How not to get burnt out creating social media

·        33:48 – Slice-of-life posts vs. brand posts

·        38:32 – Call to Action and engagement

·        41:15 – The quantity of your posts vs. the quality of your posts

·        42:52 – Rich’s closing remarks

20 Steps to 10X Your Engagement

Boss to Bikini by Theresa DePasquale

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