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Loving Yourself More Than You Love to Eat w/Leslie Davis
Episode 1226th April 2022 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Leslie Lindsay Davis overcame is the author of You Can't Eat Love. Leslie overcame emotional eating and lost about 100 lbs when she discovered the reasons for her emotional eating.

Leslie says “No one can make you anything except reservations for dinner”.

So she decided to stop overeating and lost the excess weight she carried.

Leslie's advice for solo moms:

16:20 Try to find another word other than "no" when it comes to your children

16: 25 Tomorrow they'll be one day older

16:33 There's a difference between liking and loving your children

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Leslie Lindsay Davis [:

[00:17:33] So I've never had a problem with my children telling me that I was mean, they knew that I was, and that every day I thought of three mean things to do to each one of them having three children, that's nine things. Okay. The second thing that I would say is on those days, when you're struggling, when it's a really hard day and you feel like, oh my gosh, I'm never going to get through this. [00:17:55] Remember two things. Try to find a word besides no. [00:18:00] And secondly, tomorrow they will be another day older and I'm like, I got three things. The third thing is there is a difference between liking and loving. You can not like your children and that is okay, but you will always love them. And if you say to them, Today. [00:18:19] I'm not liking you very much, but I will always love you. Then they will grow up understanding there is a difference and that's so important. That's so important that they know that no matter what you will love them. [00:18:33] J. Rosemarie: Always. Yes. Thank you. Thank you, Leslie Lindsay Davis for coming and talking to us today.[00:18:40] Anything else? [00:18:41] Leslie Davis: No, that's it. Thank you so much for having. And I hope to hear from your listeners. Yes, [00:18:48] J. Rosemarie: for sure. You gave me a good laugh today. I bet needs a riot in your house.[00:18:57] Leslie Davis: Now. It is. [00:19:00] [00:19:01] Thank you.[00:19:02] J. Rosemarie: And I'm excited to share that SoloMoms! Talk is now on YouTube. Check out these interviews on our new channel, SoloMoms! Talk TV. There, you will actually see the interaction between myself and my guests. You will also find bite-size clips daily inspiration to help you manage the struggles of everyday life.[00:19:22] So click Solomon's talk TV below to watch now.