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Your Confident Self - Allegra M. Sinclair EPISODE 3
Fear. Throat. Punch. Silence your Inner Critic.
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Fear. Throat. Punch. Silence your Inner Critic.

Fear. Throat. Punch. A couple weeks ago I introduced my 'Punch Fear in the Throat' concept. Have you recovered yet? Good, because I want to poke that bear some more this week.

First, let me make it clear that I AM encouraging world-wide punching of FEAR in the throat. We will talk about removing toxic people (haters) from your life on another day but right now I am totally focused on silencing fear.

So nobody can say that I was advocating violence in case there is a rush of women punching each other in the throat. I did not say that. Are we clear on that? Good.

Show notes available at allegrasinclair.com/003