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Episode 128th November 2021 • Say Cheese! • Lilly Red
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Take Responsibility for Your Life

Have you ever said to someone “it’s not my fault”? Have you used those four little words to get out of pursuing your dreams, to get out of situations that make you uncomfortable? Have you ever tried to pass the responsibility to others or blamed your circumstances on the situation surrounding you? 

It’s easier to say “it's not my fault” than it is to take responsibility for yourself and your situation. But once you take that responsibility on and you start to look for the solutions rather than the problems in a situation, the magic happens. Once you lead with a problem solving mindset, a little help and support from others and an attitude that is ready to kick fear to the curb- you can achieve almost anything. 

The Journey Doesn’t have to be done alone 

I had many people help me along the journey of becoming who I am today. 

“When you are supported by a person who believes in you, believe me everything, and I say EVERYTHING, it becomes easier. You just need a single person. One. Your first fan.” 

My sister who encouraged me to jump on a plane, despite my intense fears. This single event catapulted my future, even though we never would have realized it at the time. It was at my destination that I met my future husband, Vic and found the independence that I so badly craved. 

My future husband, at one of our first meetings, asked me what I would like to do for a living. This question stirred a desire in me to pursue my passion into a career that I am in love with. It was the catalyst moment in my life that made me realize I CAN do what I am passionate about for a living and do it with pride.  

When I was discouraged and ready to give up, it was Vic who once again supported me by encouraging me to give it one more try and if it didn’t work out, he would support me in whatever career that I wanted to pursue. His perseverance and knowing that he had my back no matter what, gave me the encouragement that I needed to step into life as a wedding photographer. 

The photographer in Doha who took me on as an assistant and taught me everything she knew. Where I came from, you had to fend for yourself and learn everything the hard way. I was lucky to have found a job as assistant to an incredible photographer who was patient and was an open book. 

“Nothing comes for free, nothing comes with "If only I could ... Maybe I should ... I wish ...". Only you can choose for your life and as far as we know we only have one to live.”

You see, accepting the help and support of those around me, was exactly what I needed to step away from making excuses for myself into that of a mindset of “ I can do anything”. It was those little nudges along the way that gave me the courage to step forward into the life that I deserved. 

It’s ok to Fail But You need to At Least Try

“I want you to believe it when I tell you it's not easy ... but not impossible either.”

It took many lessons, many failures and a whole lot of doubt but stumble after stumble, I felt even more compelled to pursue a career as a wedding photographer. I’ve managed to make a fruitful and amazing career for myself that allows me to travel the world and photograph beautiful people in love. So when I started to feel the nudges to start this podcast, all those initial doubts started to show themselves again and all the “what If’s and challenges that came along with it. 

It would have been easy for me to ignore the nudges to start this podcast but during quarantine, I let my pen hit the paper and just started to write. As I was reading everything I wrote, I realized that it would be far too easy to just give up on my dream, just like it would've been to pursue another career rather than following my passion.  

So here I am, sending my first podcast episode into the world, kicking fear to the ground, with my husband by my side. I’ve chosen to ignore my doubts and insecurities and instead hit go on this podcast. I know this podcast will encourage you, will help you and will inspire you to move forward with your dreams and forget the words “it’s not my problem” from your vocabulary. 

“New challenges are the fire that ignites our mind, the adrenaline that pushes us to know new sides of ourselves, to improve ourselves and take new paths.”



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