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001. Developing the potential you see in your people, with Kim Metcalf
Episode 117th October 2019 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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Kim Metcalf is a veteran leader in the healthcare industry with over 20-plus years of experience spanning a variety of positions in sales, sales leadership, leading a commercial training team, as well as some of her most recent positions serving as a Vice President for two startup biotech companies, which included Pharmacyclics and Kite Pharmaceutical.

Key Takeaways:

·      Understand what people are naturally good at and where their inherent talents lie

·      As a leader, set expectations for what has to get done, and based on where they are developmentally, provide a framework to help them get there

·      Hiring employees who think and operate differently from you is essential

·       Have 5-7 people that can be your core group of peers that can serve as mentors, sounding boards, etc., to help you develop and grow as a leader

Leadership Resources:

·      DiSC for Managers

·      Situational Leadership

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