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The Mix Bag Podcast - DJ MIDIMACK EPISODE 109, 11th January 2020
Jan 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 2
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Jan 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 2

(Ep. 109) "Every show is a non-stop musical journey into Funky, Innovative, Energizing and Uplifting House Music from Around the World." - DJ MIDIMACK

Jan 2020 Funky House Mix Pt. 2 Playlist:

  1. Yes It Is by Makito (Serbia)
  2. Be Good To You by Andrea Marchesini (Italy)
  3. Teardrops by DJ Doncho (Bulgaria) feat. Virginia Sabeva
  4. HOUSE RPRZNT by Milty Evans/Brian Boncher/Alex Peace (Chicago, USA)
  5. The Love I Give by Godz Gift (The Netherlands)
  6. Things U Do To Me by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  7. For Your Love by Mark Funk (Serbia)/Makito (Serbia)
  8. I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Andrea Marchesini (Italy) feat. Norah Grey
  9. Dancin Together by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)
  10. Heartbreaker by Peter Brown (The Netherlands)/DJ Mes (Oakland, USA)
  11. Don't Go by Block & Crown (The Netherlands)/Martina Budde (Germany)
  12. Higher by Abel Ramos (Spain)
  13. Unique Diva Drama by Jamie Lewis (Switzerland) feat. Kim Cooper
  14. New Jersey Deep by Black Science Orchestra (UK)
  15. Lay All Your Love On Me by Martina Budde (Germany)
  16. Sawana by Seumas Norv (Italy)



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