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Applying Science to Sales with Katie Williams
Episode 321st July 2021 • The Science of Selling STEM • Wesleyne Greer
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In this episode, I’ll be welcoming Katie Williams, Ph.D. to the show. She is an applied mathematician and the Director of Business Development for Applied BioMath, a pharmaceutical and biotech service provider that builds systems pharmacology models to inform critical drug discovery and development decisions. Katie comes on to share her insights on the relation between science and sales, what problem solving within team environments should look like, women leadership in STEM, and effective lead generation.

Katie also serves as the President-Elect of Women in Bio, an international non-profit organization promoting gender parity in the life sciences. She is passionate about mentoring and building connections so that we can all grow and advance professionally. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Biology from the University of Michigan and her doctorate in Applied Math from the University of Arizona with a dissertation titled "Anti-cancer treatment and the cell cycle: Cellular-level mathematical models." 

She also interned with Takeda Pharmaceuticals in both the Clinical Pharmacology and Modeling & Simulation departments where she developed mathematical models to support teams in many stages of drug development. Katie has spent the last 10 years working at the intersection of mathematics, biomedical engineering, and medicine. She now applies this experience to align business and scientific objectives

On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales:

  • How her interest in science and mathematics from a very young age led her to where she is now (01:43)
  • Figuring out where mathematical modeling provides valuable solutions (04:40)
  • How she has been able to marry her Ph.D. with her work as the director of business development (06:16)
  • Making the market understand the problem that Applied Biomath solves (08:23)
  • Her amazing work with Women in Bio (09:46)
  • Having more women in STEM in leadership positions (13:50)
  • The effectiveness of the lead management system she implemented (14:54)

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