Vicky Gunn | Milles Beach Huts | Be different to Make a Difference
Episode 438th June 2018 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#43: Key Lessons:

  • How to be different to make a difference
  • 3 common mistakes to avoid as a new business owner
  • What is Happy Folder and why you need one

That is Vicky Gunn, an entrepreneur whose passion for people and pets led to quitting life as a board level accountant in 2016. With 16 years of experience of supporting sales and operations in leading brands such as BT, Britvic, IBM and the NHS, she has recently relocated back to her home town in Scotland with her crazy spaniel Millie.

I met Vicky in person 2 years ago at an event, she’s an accountant turned entrepreneur, she dedicates her time to her main passion which is people and helping them create their own memories in her beach huts.  You know those adorable little houses on the beach in UK.  Before the success what we all can see today, she has been on a roller-coaster ride to build this business.  I love what she said in her website: “In anything that I do, I want to make sure people experience the best and I don’t want to compromise. “  THAT is the spirit of excellence! Let’s chat with Vicky!

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I hope you enjoyed the transparent conversation as much as I did.  It’s so easy to look at other’s success without knowing the ups and downs they have endured to get to this point.  As we listened to Vicky, the journey for her to find that clarity so that she could move forward with more confidence wasn’t an easy road.

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