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My Bible Study - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 43, 17th April 2020
My Bible Study Genesis Chapter 10 - Introduction and Verses 1-2
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My Bible Study Genesis Chapter 10 - Introduction and Verses 1-2

We are now going to go into Chapter 10. Some people start to get bogged down because of all the “begets” and things like that. But if you will take the time to actually study out the material presented, you will discover some interesting things!

I remember the first time I heard that Jesus’ bloodline had adulterers, murderers and even prostitutes in his geneology!  I thought, “That can’t be right! His blood is supposed to be pure!”

But when I started researching the scriptures given, and started reading some other commentaries, sure enough!  There it was! IN THE BIBLE!

As I continued to study that out, I discovered the Bible is extremely accurate in the things it presents to us. There is a reason for every single Word in the Bible! Otherwise, it would not do us any good at all.

“Well, brother Bob, why would God want us to know that the bloodline of Jesus has murderers, adulterers and prostitutes in it?” 

Simple, but profound… the reason:  So we can identify with everyone and realize that they were no better than we are. And that Jesus died for them just like He died for you and me!  AND, that should give us hope…that if people like that could still, BY FAITH, purify their bloodline so the Messiah could still enter the world, then we can believe BY FAITH that He can save us, too! AMEN!  Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!

Let’s go over to Genesis Chapter 10 and begin reading.  

Now, before we get started, I want to let you know something. In my research for today’s topic, I found a great resource on the Internet. I’m going to give them credit for it. I’m going to be sharing some things with you from the research they already did. I found it so interesting and relevant to what we are talking about today. 

It is a website called, “Answers in Genesis.” It is www.answersingenesis.org/josephus-genesis-chapter-ten

There is a great summary at the end of the article and a beautifully illustrated chart that I will be referencing from. So if you want to see what I’m talking about, you go over there and read it as well.

Ok, let’s get started in Genesis Chapter 10, beginning in verse 1.