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Frank Mattiace on Bioregulation and Achieving Our Full Potential
Episode 218th November 2022 • Healthy Brain Happy Body • Northeast Region Biofeedback Society
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This episode's guide is Dr. Frank Mattiace, the Executive Director and founder of New Pathway Counseling, located in three clinics in New Jersey.

A graduate of the College of The Holy Cross, where he earned All American Honors in football, Dr. Frank was a professional athlete from 1983-1987. It was in June of 2004 in pursuit of a lifelong goal he completed his doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University of Southern California for Professional Studies.

Dr. Frank specializes in addiction and recovery, advocating that health and wellness depend upon a balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit, and that disease is caused by imbalances in these areas. In his research of those affected by addiction, he created a program SOARFIT which incorporates mindfulness, fitness, holistic therapy, and traditional 12 step intervention. He has published articles on the effect of Reward Deficiency Syndrome, and the use of amino acid therapy in treating addictive disorders. Dr. Frank has been a consultant for residential programs, Behavioral health of the Palm Beaches, NFL Players Association, Seton Hall University and school districts implementing his Functional Integrated Therapy.

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