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Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast - Joshua Stamper 14th January 2021
Bonus Episode: SEL Strategies with Hans Appel and Tre Gammage
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Bonus Episode: SEL Strategies with Hans Appel and Tre Gammage

I had the amazing opportunity to moderate during the Teach Better 12 Hour Live Event with two amazing educators. In this bonus episode, Hans Appel, Tre Gammage, and I discuss how to incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies on the campus for teachers and students. 

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About Hans Appel:

Hans Appel has worked as a counselor in the Richland School District for the past 19 years and at Enterprise Middle School since it opened. He’s passionate about school culture, servant leadership, and kindness. In 2018, EMS was awarded the ASCD Whole Child Award for the State of Washington and the Global “Class Act Award” for creating a culture of excellence through kindness, service, and empathy. Additionally, they were selected as a finalist in the 2019 PBIS Film Festival and took top prize in the Community, Parents, and Staff category.  

In 2018, Hans launched his own blog about School Culture and rolled out a student-led leadership podcast called Award Winning Culture: Hosted by Wildcat Nation, which can be subscribed, listened or reviewed on iTunes Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, PodBean, and Libsyn.  

Hans’ blogs have appeared on DisruptED TV magazine, CharacterStrong, Teach Better Team and PBIS Rewards. He’s written social-emotional lessons for CharacterStrong. Furthermore, he has been featured on numerous educational podcasts speaking his brand of school culture into existence.  

He’s been a contributing writer on three upcoming educational books: “ Define Your WHY: Own Your Story So You Can Live and Learn On Purpose,” “Reflective Impact Journal,” and “ALL IN: Taking a Gamble in Education.” On May 22, Hans will release his own book, which is called, Award Winning Culture: Building School-Wide Intentionality and Action Through Character, Excellence, and Community.

Hans is the Director of Culture of the Teach Better Team and a member of the coveted Teach Better Speakers Network. He presents at conferences, schools, and districts all over the country. Topics include: Creating an Award Winning Culture, Amplifying Student Voice, Student-Led Podcasting, and Infusing Servant Leadership through PBIS.

He can be contacted at hansappel094@gmail.com. Follow Hans on twitter @HansNAppel. Follow AWC on Twitter at @awculture @awcpodcasting or Instagram @awardwinningculture.Wildcat Nation on Instagram @emscounseling #WildcatNation #AwardWinningCulture


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About Tre Gammage:

In 2017 I started The Gammage Consulting Group, a family owned Education consulting firm, we help K - 12 school communities implement school-wide Social & emotional programs and practices.

Our work is meant to cultivate school community resources to bridge gaps in communication access and opportunity. My experience growing up in South Bend Indiana shaped the way I serve the world. My Mother and I moved 12 times and I went to 8 different school’s before graduating high school.

It’s All About the Dash

The Dash Podcast started as a way to add value consistently for free. In our first 72 episodes, we had challenging conversations on how to turn the pain in your life into your platform for the purpose.

Today we feature educator’s who facilitate solutions for school communities. With over 150 episode’s the Dash is on its way to being a leading education podcast. Visit the podcast page to check out some of my favorite episodes.

Working with GCG

We believe in Asset-based personal and professional development, an approach that puts the person first. Highlighting and identifying the talents, skills, strengths, resources, and the asset’s that currently exist to maximize the potential of your organization. Our work with educators: While SEL is emerging as a standard across the United States it’s easy to forget that adult’s need social and emotional learning skills too.

In the classroom, you teach who you are so understanding how you show up for your student’s changes the dynamic of your classroom and school community.

We deliver a systematic adult SEL with data-driven and personal results. Programs include Getting Unstuck: 4 steps to your best you, Communication keys: Delivering effective feedback, and Redirecting Student Behavior: Restorative SEL practices to use in your classroom.

Our work with student’s: We focus on the other side of the report card, developing SEL skill’s with our school-wide, and classroom SEL implementation, but also provide direct instruction and curriculum to students. College & Career exploration to prep middle & high school student’s for individual graduation plans, Leadership & Communication curriculum that explores, mindset, communication, public speaking, team building, and leadership. And Every Decision Counts: 8 lessons I wish they taught me in school, a social and emotional learning workbook for middle and high school student’s. This 55 page book is great for classroom interventions or whole group lesson study.

Our work with Parents: There’s no place like home, parent’s are the key to our children’s future. Prepare Your Child’s Education can be a keynote speech or full day training that delivers impactful storytelling, lesson’s, strategies, and skills that round out our engagement with your entire school community.

We are here to cultivate school community resources to bridge gaps in communication access and opportunity. Visit the shop or contact page to set up a complimentary conversation on how we can bridge gaps in your school community.


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