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Assertive Radiance - Nadia Fleury | Alchemist EPISODE 140, 28th September 2020
140 - How to honor your twin flame connection
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140 - How to honor your twin flame connection

I've recently discovered that Phil is my twin flame. I knew from the moment I met him that something was special but didn't know it was called a "twin flame connection."

There's a difference between a soulmate and a twin flame connection. 

From my experience, between my ex-husband and me, we had good chemistry and respected each other very much. However, we were each other's opposite.

The twin flame connection is your mirror, and the main purpose is to help you grow spiritually. I believe you meet your twin flame when you are ready to embark on a spiritual awakening journey. From my experience, you've got to be searching for something.

After learning about the twin flame connection, I looked online. Many posts or videos shared the 10-15 signs you've found your twin flame; however, they didn't share their personal experience.  

In this episode, I'm sharing my experience to honor this unique connection and its learnings.