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May 2019 Spring Update from Mike’s Green Garden
31st May 2019 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Things I talk about today

  • blueberry bushes
  • mason bee disaster
  • buckwheat cover crop
  • Mike’s Minifarm
  • Weeds • Weeds • Weeds – in the garden

Summer Solstice Challenge coming possibly June 20, 2019

New Job in a New Restaurant

learning about recipes and sharing gourmet recipes

Health Club Bliss – massage therapy for gardeners

So what’s going on in the garden?

Mason Bee Confession

Mason bee kit

Olivia Shangrow from Rent Mason Bees


Dr. Andony Melathopoulos ~ PolliNATION Podcast


pear tree in bloom 2019

Apple and Pear Trees Blooming


Blueberry Plant Update



Blueberry Plants from Lowes


My arugula past it’s prime is a bit bitter really strong already


If you’re not in the Facebook Group I’ve been posting pics about the minifarm and updates etc.

Mike planted 5 rows of potatoes all from our potatoes last year so we didn’t have to buy seed potatoes, he’s planted swiss chard, radishes, carrots, beets, fava seeds from our garden last year too! And there’s garlic and onions growing he planted last fall. He also transplanted some cabbage and broccoli.

The most asked question from last year coming up again!

What do I do for my earth-friendly landscape that is full of dandelions etc?

Well, don’t spray weed and feed that’s for sure, but the solution isn’t an easy overnight success.


Garden Design Ideas

Using the Blank Garden Journal to design some perennial beds to reduce the amount of lawn and add easy low maintenance native plants.

Ideas include building healthy soil – finding free local manure, cutting weeds and hauling them away, spraying molasses to help add nutrients, plant clover seed for nutrients and pollinators, and bagging lawn clippings for compost.

Podcast Love

I love my guests! Learning so much!

Any questions?

Frustration with sound problems.

 The Organic Oasis Guidebook


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