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Braised Bits - Braised Bits EPISODE 1, 31st October 2019
#1 Taverna and Shirley
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#1 Taverna and Shirley

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Show rundown

0:00-6:00: Show intro

6:00: Jesse talks NYT Food Critic Pete Wells' scathing review of Peter Lugers and the Knicks' first win

15:00: Lance talks about his trip to Syracuse and the amazing benefits of having a wedding ring (19:45)

26:00: The Chefs talk about their top 9 winter foods, including Justin's Chili

37:00: The chefs implore you to support our sponsors

41:45: The chefs debut a classic Braised Bits segment, "Was That a Joke?"

46:20: The chefs debut another classic Braised Bits segment, Questionable at Best (Q.A.B.) Jesse discusses football rosters and an awkward restaurant encounter. Lance talks about the scourge of people wearing airpods when they're not listening to them, and reveals to the public that he's never hailed an Uber or Lyft.