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Special Episodes – Episode 4 – Adaptability
Episode 44th May 2022 • The Art and Science of Joy • Andrew Cannon
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Welcome to our latest series, Special Episodes! In short, Special Episodes are episodes that don’t quite fit into our usual podcast format, but that we want to share with our listeners anyway because we find them special and inspirational.

In the third episode of the series, we are looking into the power of Adaptability, with a deeper dive into the topic with Rachel Cole. Rachel is an award-winning musician, business owner, and founder of a non-profit organization. She started the Choose Happiness project as a way to encourage people to consciously make joy a priority regardless of what life throws their way or what is going on in the world. It consists of videos, blogs, and interviews with experts in the field, and her accompanying book, titled Choose Happiness and has a second book on the way!

To find out more about Rachel and her work, visit or find her on Instagram and Facebook via her social media handle @rcchoosehappy!

During this episode, Rachel tells us from personal experience how adaptability can help you overcome almost any obstacle you face when life throws itself at you.

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