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JOHN ELDREDGE - Man's Quest to Discover Their "Wild At Heart"
18th November 2020 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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Today I am joined by Bestselling Author of Wild at Heart and Counsellor - John Eldredge.

In the past 25 years through his work as a counsellor and own experience John has noticed a shift whereby Men and Boys have drifted further and further away from their natural masculinity and in the process have lost their hearts. He has seen the catastrophic effects of this unfold on families. Key to Men regaining their hearts John believes is a return to what they yearn deep in their souls.

John and I discuss.

  • The universal stories that he noticed over 25 years where Men had lost their heart.
  • How Men are once again returning to their deep roots in wanting to be good Dads and enjoy fulfilling relationships with their wives
  • Why comfort and convenience culture is preventing children from building character
  • Why you need to restore and renew your soul on a regular basis
  • The powerful technique you can use to break free from the shackles of the past that hold you back

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