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7 – Gary Weimberg Talks About His Filmmaking Life, His Encounters with the Rich and Famous, and His Wise Dog
15th October 2008 • Andy's Treasure Trove • Andy Moore
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Episode #7 focuses on Gary Weimberg, the documentary filmmaker who, along with his partner Catherine Ryan, has created many insightful films and television programs, the newest of which is the documentary Soldiers of Conscience, about soldiers grappling with the moral issues of war. Soldiers of Conscience airs on PBS on Oct. 16. But first Gary talks about his encounters with major movie stars, directors and others who have mentored him along his filmmaking path. See photos of Gary and Andy below, under the keywords for this episode.

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Gary Weimberg, Luna Productions, BART (Bay Area Regional Transit), Burt Lancaster, Lawrence Olivier, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, American Zoetrope, “Apocalypse Now,” “One From the Heart,” Anne Goursaud, Akira Kurosawa, Jenny Weyman-Cockell, Malcolm Forbes, hot air balloon, Great Sphinx of Giza, Catherine Ryan, “Maria’s Story,” Julie Christie, “The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez,” “Soldiers of Conscience,”




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