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How Lucas Krump and Evryman are Redefining the Wellness Industry for Men
Episode 63rd December 2021 • Let's Connect For Good • Alicia Sternberg-Llanos
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Lucas Krump is building a community for men. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Evryman which proudly calls itself ‘more than just a men’s group’.

It’s a global network of men who are helping each other to live more fulfilling and ultimately successful lives.

In this episode of Let’s Connect For Good, Lucas tells Alicia about his journey which led to the creation of Evryman, including trauma during his childhood.

They discuss the cultural trap experienced by men in society to not express themselves fully, which holds true even today. They talk about the importance of mental well-being, the effect on it from the pandemic, and why lockdown has, in fact, helped people understand its significance even better.

You'll also learn:

  • Why trauma is inevitable and what really matters is how you overcome it and the lessons you learn from being in it
  • How science explains our feelings of connection
  • Why the community is self-created
  • How to create balance in society

Meet The Guest...

Lucas Krump is the Co-Founder and CEO of Evryman, a global community of men who come together to help their personal growth. He grew up in Kansas and had several challenges during his childhood. He started his first business aged 13. After college Lucas travelled the world and lived abroad for a decade before returning to the US. In this episode, we’ll hear about Lucas’ experiences over the years which led him to the creation of Evryman.

Time Stamps...

[03:30] Lucas’s story: triumph out of trauma

[11:40] Lucas discussed his father’s death

[13:33] Lucas on societal conditioning, the modern day definition of masculinity, and the incentives around singularity

[15:15] Not all men are broken. As Lucas says, “We (men) aren't broken. We don't necessarily need help, because the orientation for most men is in the direction that our society has told them to go.”

[16:49] The isolation and loneliness brought on by the COVID pandemic

[18:40] How COVID has helped people realize the importance of mental health

[22:12] Lucas discussed his thoughts on trauma

[26:42] Connection has been there forever since the existence of mankind. Here’s how Lucas explains it.

[28:45] Why primal emotional expression can be hard to translate into everyday life and medical therapy

[29:58] What is Alexithymia? How does it relate to the narrowing of your emotional experience?

[32:35] Why Lucas thinks the word ‘community’ has been hijacked over the last decade

[34:30] How to get people to see the inequalities that are out there and address them

[36:49] Lucas on why the connection muscle is atrophied and why we need to create new spaces for balance

[44:00] The importance of feeling safe in order to process experiences of trauma

[47:58] Closing advice from Lucas

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