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WashingTown - The Loudmouth Project 13th June 2019
The Voices of Dreamers
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The Voices of Dreamers

In this episode, Congressman Ben McAdams talks with Luis Garza, executive director of Comunidades Unidas and several Utah students, who discuss how they feel about the House of Representatives passing the Dream and Promise Act. The Act gives those who were brought to the U.S. as children legal status and opportunities for permanent legal status in the only country most of them know. 

“The individuals known as Dreamers are our classmates, our coworkers, our neighbors and members of our congregations,” McAdams said after the bi-partisan bill passed on June 4, 2019. “Brought here as young children, this is the only home most of them have ever known. They are working, serving in the military, enrolled in college, and are giving back to the community. For too long, they have been in limbo about their future and this legislation offers a solution.”