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EVM092 YouTube Growth and Engagement with Jeremy Vest from VidIQ
Episode 9213th May 2019 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In Episode 92 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Jeremy Vest, Director of Marketing at VidIQ, joins us for an interesting chat on using your YouTube channel to grow your audience and business. We discuss the key factors for growth and engagement on YouTube and how the VidIQ platform helps support creators in understanding and managing these factors. I am a proud user of VidIQ for all the strategies that we manage on behalf of our clients’ YouTube channels and I tell you, it’s a very powerful and easy to use platform.

Jeremy is a video marketing strategist and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies and famous YouTubers. He is also the coach of several video marketers that you see and hear from all around the world.

In this episode we cover:

  • Jeremy’s story and what led him to where he is now with VidIQ.
  • Biggest fundamental shift Jeremy has seen in the world of online video and YouTube.
  • Essential things you can do to cut through and stand out on YouTube.
  • The importance of the idea of community and tapping into potential communities that are still not being served on YouTube.
  • Growing your business through a YouTube channel.
  • Challenge for businesses going into video.
  • The correlation of YouTube video views and sales in your business.
  • The definition of last click attribution and why it’s important.
  • Importance of data and analytics in growing a successful channel on YouTube from the VidIQ perspective.
  • How VidIQ supplements the data available from YouTube analytics and makes the experience easier and better for the user.
  • Jeremy tells us more about VidIQ Score and how it works.
  • Using VidIQ to improve what you already have.
  • Tips to get velocity views in your videos.
  • Types of videos to release for your channel.
  • Using only live video for YouTube.
  • Where YouTube is going next.

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