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Looking Forward Our Way - Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson EPISODE 129, 18th March 2020
Illumination Bureau Podcast and Tips For Your Job Search
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Illumination Bureau Podcast and Tips For Your Job Search

Catherine Lang-Cline is our guest. She is co-host of the podcast Illumination Bureau, a podcast produced by Portfolio Creative, the business she co-creates with podcast co-host Kristen Harris.

Three episodes caught our attention in their catalog. Episode 31 on ageism, and episodes 23 and 28 on workplace culture. We encourage you to take a listen to these episodes. And don't be surprised to hear a lot of what we have been talking about over the past 125+ episodes.


Don't be intimidated by younger candidates and don't disqualify candidates because of age. In this podcast, we talk about how to compete when you are over 40 (yikes) and how an older candidate can be the perfect fit for your team.


Let's talk about workplace culture. It can make you love your job or hate it. If it's your company, it reflects what you believe. And sometimes it goes off the rails, so this podcast talks about where you are or what you created might not be what you want.


One of the best things you can do is get a mentor or two. But once you have one, how does the relationship work? If you are looking for a mentor or looking to be one, this podcast will provide you with some great tips in order to make the most the time you spend together.

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