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80: How I Retired 3 times by Staying Laser Focused with Joseph Isaacs
8th May 2017 • Can I Pick Your Brain? • Daniel Gefen
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Today I will be picking the brain of a serial entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about starting, growing and selling businesses. In fact he has retired 3 times!

Joseph Isaacs has started, developed and sold numerous businesses in a range of industries back in the 1970’s way before I was even thought of being conceived.

His various ventures have included a construction company, Womens Swimwear, a consulting firm, a telecommunications company, property portfolio, a gourmet cheesecake manufacturer and even a bank … yes .. a bank.

His latest exciting business venture, which he co-founded with his son is an interesting twist where popsicles meet alcoholic cocktails.

Buzz Pop Cocktails are the first and only adult frozen drink in a push pop. Their fresh fruit Gourmet Sorbets are infused with Premium Liquors. As they like to say …’A full drink in every push-pop allows you to “Lick your way to Paradise”’

It is my pleasure an honor to welcome to you a business connoisseur, real estate mogul, creative thinker, published author, adviser, investor, self made millionaire, husband of 17 years and father to 3 but most importantly a really great guy!


What you will learn:

  • Why staying laser focused is the most important key to success
  • Tools for building a highly profitable business
  • Why people fail in business in today’s world
  • How to avoid getting distracted in business
  • Using traditional tactics in a modern world
  • The power of not being afraid to ask
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed
  • Why entrepreneurs can’t retire
  • Building a virtual team
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • Joseph has built and sold dozens of successful businesses
  • Joseph shares how he got Kevin Harrington to join his business
  • Joseph is currently the co-founder of Buzz Pop Cocktails – A cross between a popsicle and alcoholic cocktail

Joseph’s #1 practical advice: 

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