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LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law - Nicole Giantonio 11th April 2017
58: Change Your Mindset with Grayson Yeargin
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58: Change Your Mindset with Grayson Yeargin

Business Development is Problem Solving

Grayson Yeargin is a partner in the Washington, DC office of Jones Day. He concentrates his practice on assisting clients with compliance requirements and providing guidance through government investigations.

Grayson Yeargin Bio


  • Yes, it is important to pay attention!
  • Tune in to see how business development can be like trying to get hit by lightning.
  • We discuss why clients are separating out commoditized work and specialized work.
  • Push yourself to see business development differently.
  • The first 5 seconds and the 1st moment of execution are key.

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