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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 27th January 2019
73: Innovation Program Manager at Nike – Mechanical Engineer – Jill Murfin
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73: Innovation Program Manager at Nike – Mechanical Engineer – Jill Murfin

Jill Murfin earned Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Portland State University and is a Manufacturing Innovation Program Manager at Nike and is the president elect for the Society of Women Engineers SWE.

[1:08] Journey from Mechanical engineering into manufacturing. – There are so many opportunities for mechanical engineers and most desire to go into the design side to do the creative side, but Jill found that she could use the creativity on the manufacturing side.

[3:50] Gets into what an Innovation Program Manger does at Nike – how to make shoes in a way they have never been made before. On her team are robot designers, chemical engineers doing material development, and industrial engineers. – Nike is actually a very high tech company employing many engineers.

[7:11] What a day might look like.

[8:35] What has Jill fired up – Basically how everything is changing

[11:10] An ah-ha moment – Had a great position at Intel and then received an opportunity to work at Nike came up and new it was outside her comfort zone – she knew she would regret if she did not try it.

[13:05] Getting through college – about 250 interns at Nike and many of them engineers. She had straight A’s in high school. And her first calculus, well she failed her first midterm, but she worked her way through it. Getting a couple C- in college does NOT mean you are not going to be a good engineer.

[17:20] Best piece of advice – when her mom recommend she get her degree in engineering instead of a law degree. You can basically do what you want. And a book she recommends is “Shoe Dogs” by Phil Knight.

[19:20] Parting advice – make it meaningful

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