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[SGC-2] What’s Your Content Creation Mindset? With Kelly McCausey
Episode 229th September 2022 • She's Got Content • Melissa Brown, MD
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My guest today, Kelly McCausey, is a blogger, podcaster and business coach with a focus on Content Marketing and Community Building. She knows you want to publish content you're proud of for a community you love.

Kelly talks about mindset and content creation in today's episode.

Here are the highlights of this show:

• There is a plague that affects many content marketers--it's the plague that stops you from sharing your message because you believe that someone else has already [been there/done what you want to do/teach what you want to teach].

• There are people who need to hear from you--and only you are able to help them. When you hold back from sharing your gifts out into the world, you're leaving these people without a life preserver.

• Every negative thought about your content marketing can be flipped with some intentionality and mindfulness.

• Pretend like there are 1000 people already on your email list even if you're just starting out. You wouldn't want to disappoint 1000 people who are eagerly awaiting hearing from you. If there's at least 1 person on your email list, start building the habit of consistently sending an email to share your content.

• Content attracts and serves a community.

• The impact of comparison is up to you--you get to choose how something makes you feel. You can choose to feel puny by comparing yourself to someone else and what they've created or you can be inspired by that comparison to stretch and grow.

Kelly's favorite book: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Kelly's free gift to you: The Intentional Inbox--Kelly shows you how to get intentional with your inbox, the hub of all your business communication. Get your power tips from Kelly to shift your mind around this energy trap and regain your focus.

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