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Trailer21st March 2021 • The Human Factor • Sonja Stirnimann
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I am Sonja, Entrepreneur, Independent Board Member, Speaker, Author of the book "The Human factor in white-collar crime. AND: I am your host.

I live along the motto: Either I get involved properly or not at all. There is not path in between. And there is hardly any situation where I do not have skin in the game.

By the way, what only a few people know about me so far: I am a passionate, storm- and crisis-resilient offshore sailor. A deep love to the sea goes far back in our family’s history.

I deal with human behaviour in business, society and especially in individual crisis or exceptional situations on a daily level.

What often does not get enough attention is the key success factor of Corporate Integrity and Ethical Leadership. From non-compliance, to fraud, to white-collar crime to cybersecurity. It all starts with us. 

Over the past 30 years, I have supported, mentored, and coached affected parties in internal and external investigations, audits and in their processes of implementing successful corporate cultures to protect their assets.

Being involved in some of the most highly sensitive economic crimes in national and international history is part of my story too.

Thousands of hours of investigative work, interviews with suspects, analysis of evidence and reporting characterise my experience in the field of forensic accounting, asset misappropriation, fraudulent financial statements, corruption, bribery, money laundering, investment fraud, tax evasion, data theft & leakages and many more patterns.

The weakest (and strongest) link is and remains the human being. THE HUMAN FACTOR.

My vision with this podcast is to foster corporate integrity and ethical leadership on a global level by providing insights, use cases, best practice approaches and lesson learned.

With my background as a swiss certified public accountant with an international Executive MBA in Financial Services and Insurance, as a Certified Fraud Examiner, a business mediator and executive coach, I combine the business and psychological aspects of the human behaviour.

Why do I share this knowledge, experience, and different perspectives with you?

Because I am convinced that raising awareness is the most effective preventive measure to protect individuals and organisations.

Let us take you on a journey into the world of corporate integrity, ethical leadership, white-collar crime, non-compliance, fraud, and cyber security and use the condensed knowledge in easily digestible doses to protect your company, your employees, your customers and especially yourself.

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