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After The Gridiron - Lyle Green 1st March 2021
Interview With Former NFL Great Ottis Anderson
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Interview With Former NFL Great Ottis Anderson

Ottis (OJ) Anderson enjoyed a stellar 14 year NFL career, playing with the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Giants. He grew up playing sports like baseball, but football was his passion. For university, he chose the University of Miami primarily because it was close to home. He had offers from all the top schools in Florida and across the country, but with his strong bond with his mother, he saw no need to go elsewhere. At Miami, he blossomed into an elite back which saw him become a 1st-Team All-American. His NFL career started off with a bang, as he was only a handful of yards away from leading the league in rushing as a rookie. His team success came as a member of the Giants, winning 2 Super Bowls, and earning Super Bowl MVP honours in Super Bowl XXV. After football, he was involved in the insurance business for many years. He is currently a Patient Ambassador for Novo Nordisk, a healthcare company that he has teamed up with as he shares his journey with diabetes. He is also involved with Tridelix, a 5-D imaging company that is producing some amazing things. For more information, please follow the links below.