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Finding The Feel - Digital Horsemanship, LLC 4th May 2018
S1E3 Chuy Chavez on trusting your horse (or mule), keeping things simple and your mind fresh.
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S1E3 Chuy Chavez on trusting your horse (or mule), keeping things simple and your mind fresh.

Chuy Chavez is reining trainer and stellar coach who has been making waves on the West Coast. He is a prime example of what it means to seek constant improvement through passion and keeping an open mind. In episode 3, Chuy tells us how setting the proper foundation and teaching a horse to want to learn early on is key for any sport, how to focus on the right things without getting overwhelmed, and how he keeps his mindset on learning from his experiences and everybody around him. Chuy’s passion and horse sense has gained him success early in his career and respect from the industry. He’s one to watch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to listen when your horse is telling you what he/she needs, and whether you need to be a horseman, a trainer, or a showman in that moment.
  • Refine your approach and understand what works for you and your horse. Test new things with your horse, and pay attention to how they react.
  • Know your horse. What you have at home, is what you have at the show. Show what you have at home.
  • Visualize the aspects that you need to work on. Think about it exactly what you are going to do when you enter that pen. Practice on your horse when you can, but you have to be fair to them, so learn to visualize that maneuver in your mind.
  • Pick a couple of things to really focus on in the show pen, such as your two weakest points. Get those solid, and don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to think about doing everything perfectly.
  • Simplify more. For yourself and your horse.
  • Try to keep your movements and mind slow. If you’re moving fast, your horse will follow suit.

Show Notes:

  • [01:44] – Chuy’s background, getting lost on a mule and trusting your “horse”
  • [06:32] – Meeting and learning from Warwick Schiller
  • [08:04] – Teaching a horse how to learn and what to do when they just want to go “home”
  • [10:03] – A shared lesson. A horse needs you to be 3 things; a horseman, trainer, and showman. And what that means in practice.
  • [15:22] – A lesson from a failure
  • [17:29] – Giving your horse confidence and showing what you have
  • [18:49] – Preparing to show and not getting overwhelmed as a rider
  • [21:00] – Chuy’s recommendations on what to think about in the show pen
  • [24:49] – Positive habits to instill in your horse. Practicing show situations
  • [25:33] – Specializing in being a coach for humans and horses. Understanding your horses’ and clients’ needs.
  • [27:40] – Mentally preparing to show and slowing everything down
  • [29:21] – One of the best pieces of advice given as a horseman, and understanding the root of the problem.
  • [31:55] – the polo wrap superstition
  • [32:08] – The importance of good confirmation and how to look for it in a great horse
  • [33:25] – Keep it simple
  • [34:01] – Learn more about Chuy, his family, and his business Chavez Performance Horses, on their website, Facebook, and.. Instagram!