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The Wild Life - The Wild Life EPISODE 57, 24th July 2020
A Conversation with Chelsea Connor: Part 2

A Conversation with Chelsea Connor: Part 2

Hey everyone, a bit of a different approach with this episode. Last week, we left off talking SciComm and just about to talk about @BlackAFinStem and #BlackBirdersWeek. That's where we pick up this time in a conversation that spans immigration, COVID 19, the problem with SciComm, being a person of color in a scientific field, learning, antiracism, and so much more.

A sizeable portion of what we discuss revolves around the earlier Florida Man administration announcement that international students on M-1 and F-1 Visas wouldn't be allowed to stay in the country if their fall course load was all online, despite there being a global pandemic. Since the, some of that has changed, but nothing is for certain.

The only edits are the intro and outro. Everything else is the original raw conversation. Why? We didn't want to diminish the meaning. We didn't want to chime in and speak for Chelsea's truth. This is her story to tell, and our story to hear.

Chelsea is not a spokesperson for people of color or international students, but her story and the uncertain reality that she finds herself in are ones shared by so many. We hope you listen, take note to heart, and take the words you hear as a call to action.

"In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist." - Angela Davis

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