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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 25, 11th April 2020
Ethical Awesomeness with Raushawna Price
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Ethical Awesomeness with Raushawna Price

My next guest approached me to be on the show and when I began to find out what it was that she did - it was a no-brainer - we were meant to do this.

Raushawna Price, the Giver of AwesomenessTM, is fiercely focused on awareness and growth for every client she serves. Her systematic approach to speaking and workshop facilitation allows every listener to learn specific strategies and tools to navigate complex work environments and relationships. She eloquently shifts your thinking from problem to opportunity with every topic she speaks. 

We talk about bullying and how our mindset can shift if we find ourselves as the one being bullied. This interview was extra special as my intern and nephew, Jack gained a lot from this experience.

This podcast is brought you by Ethical Change Agency.